Take An Indian Overnight Train

India is well famed for its overnight trains. They are an experience more than just a mode of transport. Some 12,000 trains carry approximately 23 million passengers per day. The rail network is an incredibly cheap way to travel around this fascinating country.

No visit to India is complete without experiencing the bustle of Indian railway stations and a journey on an Indian express train with the tea seller’s cry of Chai, chai, coming down the aisle.

On long distance expresses in an AC Chair Car or an AC1 or AC2 sleeper, all seats and berths are reserved and it’s a safe, civilised, inexpensive & comfortable way to get around India.  Even long distances such as Bombay to Delhi, Delhi to Varanasi or Delhi to Udaipur can be covered time-effectively using overnight AC Sleeper trains. Also a great way to save on hotel bills!