Welcome to my bucket list, this page represents the things I would like to achieve in my lifetime.

Hopefully I have many years to complete it, but just in case I am cracking on now. You never know when you may run out of time.

I started this list back in 2008 with a piece of paper and a few notes, it was around the time the film, ‘The Bucket List’ came out, and at the age of 24 it seemed the perfect time to start my own list. Since then it has manifested into the much larger list it is today.

Follow along as I travel the world, ticking things off, the only problem for me is the more I see the more I want to see, so this list is always changing and growing. This probably means it will never be completed but I will certainly have great fun trying.

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Some things are more achievable than others, some things are a little crazy and some things are just pipe dreams, but if you don’t have a dream, nothing happens.

“The Size Of Your Dreams Must Always Exceed Your Current Ability To Achieve Them”

To make it easier to check out the list, I have grouped them as above

or if you prefer to see by continent, then please use the links below.

Below you’ll find the entire list…

How many of these are on your bucket list? If you have any ideas or inspiration, or can help me achieve any of these things I would love to hear from you – get in touch!