Welcome to the fitness section of my bucket list – this list contains all of the bucket list worthy items I would like to achieve.

My fitness journey started relatively late, I did very little in my teens or early twenties, I was fortunate enough to not gain weight, and just had no interest. In my late twenties I had moved to Milton Keynes (UK), and lived with my brother and a colleague from work – both of them were into fitness and after much pressure I was joined them for some local boot camp sessions. These were all outdoor sessions, running up hills, circuit training etc. I found i actually enjoyed these sessions and was soon taking part several times per week in all weather.

The group arranged to take on an Obstacle Race as a motivator and give everyone something to focus on. The event was a Spartan race. It was only 5km, but i enjoyed it so much, that I became hooked! In the end completing over 100 events around the world including representing my country in this great sport. We also have a British multiple undefeated World Champion called Jon Albon who certainly doesn’t get the recognition he deserves.

A by product of these events is the necessity to run, so that was another hobby I took up, and as I improved, the distances became greater and greater, always pushing the boundaries and trying to improve my times.

Things I would like to achieve next are:

Sub 90 Half Marathon

Sprint Triathlon – Very dependant on Learning To Swim!

Sub 3 Hour Marathon

So, go ahead, have a look around, be inspired, you can filter by the completed items, or just browse them all, and as always, if you have any questions, please get in touch via the comments form, or drop me an email by clicking here.



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