Adventure travel – alongside travelling to all parts of the world, I love to have an adventure, I am a self confessed adrenaline thrill seeker. In the adventure travel section of my bucket list I have compiled  as many adventurous things that really get me excited.

Ever since I was small I have loved to climb things, these days I absolutely love a good hike, especially in the mountains and that is definitely something I want to do more of, including climbing the highest mountains in each continent, to join the seven summits club.

Alongside climbing things, I enjoy travelling overland, which generally, in my case, means joining overland tours, these tend to be in trucks especially designed for grand adventures. Of course, travelling around by public buses, trains, boats and any other means has its merits, but there is something magical about having an adventure with 10-20 other people who start of as strangers and by the end you have created a bond through shared life experiences.

The 3 things I have enjoyed most in the adventure travel category would be:

Overlanding Africa – 10 months exploring this incredible continent

Climbing an active Volcano – Watching lava eruptions from a tent at Acatenango, Guatemala

Overlanding South America – 6 months seeing all the sights on offer

The 3 things on this list that I would most like to tick off next are:

Ride The Trans-Siberian Railway

Hike The Annapurna Circuit

Overland The Silk Road

So, go ahead, have a look around, be inspired, you can filter by the completed items, or just browse them all, and as always, if you have any questions, please get in touch via the comments form, or drop me an email by clicking here.



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