Nature and wildlife, two of my absolute favourite things in the world. Nothing beats seeing nature in it’s purest form in the wild, from big cats in Africa, creepy crawlies in the Amazon jungle, sloths in Costa Rica or a Quokka in Australia.

If there is an opportunity to see some animals anywhere I visit, you can guarantee I will. I find being underwater fascinating, in January 2020, I took a snorkel trip in Caye Caulker,  Belize and the water was just so clear, aswell as seeing nurse sharks and with an abundance of other marine life that made it a really special experience. I do wish I could dive, so I could see more, but until I have learnt to swim, that’s probably off the cards!

There are so many incredible and diverse species around the world, some that interest me the most are ones that are only found in specific places of the world, such as komodo dragons on Komodo Island  or seeing Orangutans in Borneo.

I almost saw Tigers in the wild in Sundarbans National Park in India, but it had moved by the time I turned around – very frustrating, but that is also the beauty of nature – it does its own thing, and there are no guarantees so sightings are to be cherished even more.

My top 3 interactions on the nature bucket list that I’ve enjoyed the most are:

Husky Mushing

Being On Safari

Seeing Mountain Gorillas

At the top of the list of bucket list experiences in the wild that I would love to tick off are these 3:

Sit Amongst 300,000 King Penguins

Snorkel with Manta Rays

Witness the Polar Bear Migration

So, go ahead, have a look around, be inspired, you can filter by the completed items, or just browse them all, and as always, if you have any questions, please get in touch via the comments form, or drop me an email by clicking here.



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