Learn To Swim

A life skill that everybody should have. Swimming. Simple enough for most, a natural thing, however I am akin to a stone!
Weirdly I remember being able to swim when I was a child – I have a vivid memory of being able to swim to the bottom of the pool, pick up a brick, and bring it back with no issues.

I then didn’t swim for many years, and somehow forgot how to, when I next needed to at school when about 15, I just splashed around flailing my arms and sinking for no apparent reason.

I have no major fears of water, I don’t avoid it – as long as I have a life jacket or can touch the floor all is good, but that is not good enough.
I have triathlons to do, I want to be able to jump off boats and swim with beautiful fishes, and bobbing around in a life jacket may well ruin the experience of swimming with whales!