Buy A Personal Number Plate

In the UK it is possible to personalise your car number plate instead of just having whatever the showroom gives you.

There are a few reasons why you may want to do this, highlighted below;

You can disguise your cars age – if you have an older car a different plate can make it appear ageless

It is a good investment – the values are actually increasing

It’s a unique accessory – only one of each number plate can exist

Self-expression – plates can be anything so you can express yourself however you want (within reason – the DVLA do have some plates they don’t allow)

You shouldn’t forget your car registration! – ever been at a pay machine and asked for your reg number and you have to run back to your car to check?

Personally, I liked the idea when I had an Audi RS4, and the plate RS04 DAN was available. I didn’t buy it, and then someone else snapped it up so when I next have a car long term, I will definitely be buying one!

What plate would you have, and on what car?