Dive With Whale Sharks

Whales or sharks? Because of their size, many would and have said that they are whales. But they aren’t whales at all. They’re sharks. And in spite of their thousands of teeth, they’re no threat to humans – they eat plankton & krill albeit by the ton.

To see whale sharks you need to be prepared to travel, unless you are lucky enough to live in one of the below locations, and pay attention to when you can see them , where. Whale sharks like to travel. In fact, they spend most of their lives on the move. Although much is still unknown about these gentle giants, it is thought that whale sharks are solitary creatures that migrate according to where the food is to be found.

Did you know:

Whale sharks have up to 3,000 teeth, but as filter fish, they don’t eat with their teeth. So what, you ask, are they good for? Not much really, at least as far as scientists know. Cant see them in the picture? Thats because each one is about as large as a match tip.