Sit Among 300000 King Penguins

Penguins are one of, if not my favourite animal. From being a young kid, penguins always fascinated me – i think its the way they waddle. Its so adorably cute!

Penguins exist in many places in the Southern Hemisphere, and I have been fortunate to see many species of penguins in but one place stands out above all that I am itching to visit – South Georgia. A small remote Sub Antarctic Island which every November becomes home to over 300,000 King Penguins. 

King Penguins are one of the largest species at more than 3ft tall. They are particularly beautiful birds, with a speckled slate-grey back, a glistening white front, a jet-black head and an orange and gold neck and throat.

If I ever disappear for the entire of November – you may well find me in South Georgia amongst the 50 MILLION seabirds and 5 MILLION Seals. 

I have also been known to be a penguin picker upper on occasion – but that’s a story to tell in person!