Swim With Dolphins

Majestic is a word often used to describe dolphins. Seeing dolphins is a popular choice on bucket lists across the globe. It’s not hard to understand why when these much-loved creatures have a reputation for playfulness and acrobatic displays. 

I have seen dolphins all around the world whilst searching for whales, and most memorably whilst in the Galapagos – they were racing the boat, and I was peering down on them from the bow. Truly an incredible memorable moment. 

This playfulness makes me want to get up close and interact with these beautiful creatures, they are so intelligent. Dolphins seem sometimes to actively seek out human interaction, from riding the wake of a boat to checking out swimmers in the shallows. It’s difficult to say why they behave in this way. Riding the wave caused by a boat could save them energy when swimming, or they may be simply curious or playful.