Learn To Skydive

I know this is guaranteed not to be something everyone has on a bucket list, for most, just completing a skydive is enough, and I totally get that, but I am after all, an adrenaline junkie!

I did my first skydive in Wollongong, near Sydney, Australia in 2013 – it was a memorable incredible experience that stuck with me, at the time I vowed to get my license!

Alas, it didn’t happen, I did another skydive in Los Angeles, USA in 2014 – where I bought my sister the jump as a present (some might call that cruel!) and another jump in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil in 2016. Every time the rush is immense, the feeling of freefall is amazing!

Getting a licence is not actually that difficult, you sign up to an AFF course, pass some tests and then you can jump anywhere in the world!

I want that freedom, to strap on a chute and get the best views anywhere in the world! What a rush!

Day 1 (Friday night). Arrive. Meet other jumpers. everyone else has jumped before.  Recieve the bad news that jump master Keith, plane cancelled due to Storm Callum. Dissapointing, was meant to be ground school on day 2.

Day 2 (Saturday). Head in to DZ to get a feel for the place, great bunch, people showing us around, basics, fill in forms, watch as many landings, start learning drills.

Day 3 (Sunday). Ground school – spread across the day as bad weather

Day 4 (Monday). Wait around all day for good weather, finally get a jump in! woo. Level one is with 2 instructors.

Day 5 (Tuesday). Rain, clouds, wind

Day 6 (Wednesday). Level 2,3,4

Day 7 (Thursday). Rain

Day 8 (Friday). Level 5,6,7

Day 9 (Saturday). Torrential Rain.