Complete The 7-7-7 World Marathon Challenge

7-7-7 – 7 Marathons – 7 Days – 7 Continents

Let that sink in – not only do you need to run 7 marathons in 7 days, but you have to contend with lack of sleep, jet lag, extreme heat, extreme cold, fatigue on 7 different continents in just 7 days.

its expensive, requires extensive training, involves visiting all 7 continents – It ticked all the boxes for the perfect bucket list challenge!

If you have ever wanted to visit all 7 continents in the space of a week this could be the challenge for you.

The schedule is as follows –

Day 1 – Antarctica, Marathon In Antarctica, Fly To Cape Town

Day 2 – Marathon In Cape Town, Fly To Perth, Australia

Day 3 – Marathon In Perth, Fly To Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Day 4 – Marathon In Dubai, Fly To Lisbon, Portugal

Day 5 – Marathon In Lisbon, Fly To Cartagena, Colombia

Day 6 – Marathon In Cartagena, Fly To Miami, United States Of America

Day 7 – Marathon In Miami.

Fancy it? Head on over to the World Marathon Challenge website and sign up!