Complete A Sub 40 Minute 10K

Much like the idea of completing a sub 20 minute 5KM, the idea of completing a 10KM let alone a sub 40 minute 10KM race sounded ludicrous once upon a time.

Since i have taken up running on a more frequent basis 10KM has become a nice distance, and probably my favourite distance. its tough, but not too tough, with the added bonus of being able to  squeeze it into a lunch break and shower after.

Living in London, i love the events which allow you to run on closed roads around the city of London, its such a fantastic experience and the support is always fantastic.

Some of my favourite events are the Vitality 10K, British 10K, & the Simplyhealth 10k which finishes in the famous Olympic Stadium.

If you would like to find a 10K event near you check out Find A Race

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